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I have more things in my scraps, sure whatevah

But yeah, I am experimenting with new styles and you can see obvious improvement with my crap. (or.. hopefully obvious... compared to my earlier pages)


My favorites...


Hellhound by Jennilah
I had this unfinished hellhound sketch sitting in my files for a while. It was for an spn thing, but that thing kind of mysteriously died out? :(
And I haven’t found the motivation to line it, but I am still proud of the sketch, so I threw some color and shading onto it and it came out pretty decent imo
I keep neglecting deviantart whoops sorry

so summer is obviously over and I started my sophomore yearrr

my classes are pretty neato

first I have Visual Effects, which I'm struggling to get a hang of but I'm working on it. Our professor is awesome, I had him last year and decided to have him again.

Then I have Creating Animated Characters (I keep forgetting the full class name ugh its so long) which is fun. We are doing character turnarounds and I'm using a generic bunny character that I made up for it.

Then there's History of Film and its the easiest class in the world. We literally just have to show up and enjoy the movies that we watch in class. The only thing we're graded on, beside attendance, is our final paper which we can write whenever we want. I hope to start mine soon. Our professor is a snarky british dude who knows we aren't film students so he cuts the crap on a lot of stuff that he knows we wont care about.

Then there's Computer Animation and right now we're learning modeling techniques. I feel like I'm sort of getting the hang of it but it's tricky...

and then... Erotic Literature. This class is just as fun as I hoped it would be. We're reading some stuff and watching some films and discussing the use of words and tone in the stories, what we liked, what we didn't like... discussing sex topics like safe, sane, and consensual BDSM which is always really interesting to me. Our professor is a sweet old lady (well, not crotchety yet. But she's got quite a few years under her belt) with a lot of experience going to sex clubs and organizations back in her day and she has a lot of stories to share

I've been spending a lot of time working on my ask-tinycas blog on tumblr which I am really proud of. I recently hit 7000 followers (holy cow)

and yes, earlier in the month I went to the Salute to Supernatural convention in New Jersey (NJCon) and got to see Misha Collins. Here's my photo with him! I will cherish it forever and forever
I posted a bunch of my pictures and video that I took on tumblr, scroll down a lil and you can see them here
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Friendship Bracelets by Jennilah
Friendship Bracelets
Mental patient!Cas making friendship bracelets for his best friends Sam and Dean c:
Because his friends will visit him eventually, right? And they will love his gifts, and everything will be alright…


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
uh so I draw things

  • Commissions are : Open!
  • Prices are in USD.
  • I typically work with a 1200 x 800 pixel canvas, if you want your image bigger, or a specific size, please tell me. Pics will be PNG. Tell me if you want JPEG.
  • I only accept PayPal. Contact me here or on my dA with your commission information and I will give you my email address.
  • I will begin drawing after receiving payment, there will be no refunds but feel free to tell me to correct or change something in the drawing after it is finished (for free). 
  • Due to unreliable homework schedule, I ask that you give me a month to work. I never know how busy my week is going to be.
  • Simple Background: Simple colors, no distinguishable shapes or forms. (+$5 additional character)
  • Simple Scene: inside a room, outdoors, objects in the background, etc. I will let you know if your request is too hard, I am still just a newbie at backgrounds. (+$5 additional character)

No: Mech robots / overly complicated scenes. If your order makes me uncomfortable for any reason, I can refuse to draw it.
Yes: OCs / fanart / real people / animals / furries / monsters / gore / nudity. Pretty much anything so long as you provide a reference. Will raise price if your character design is wildly complicated, I’ll let you know.
Ask if you have any questions!
If you can’t afford something that you want, we can try to work something out. C:
  • Listening to: Blake Lewis
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Eating: Toast

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